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The FB-T.FC.RS calibre, while not a new design, is a special one. It is the first skeletonized movement made by Chronometrie Ferdinand Berthoud. A bit of a mouthful, the calibre name is an abbreviation of ""Ferdinand Berthoud-Tourbillon.Fusee Chain-Regulateur Squelette"". This is a regulator-type, skeletonized chronometer movement. replica wrist watches in india The tourbillon is visible at 6 o’clock and the transmission system uses a fusee and chain. The small opening at the 2 o’clock position shows the hours on a sapphire disc, and the minute hand is displayed at the 12 o’clock small dial. The running seconds are displayed by a central seconds hand.

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The combination of brushed tool-like case and polished bezels is reminiscent of Breguet Type XX. Breitling will release five different references this year. But if your wrists are anything like my small-to-medium-sized ones, get to the gym and start those forearm curls. Get some protein shakes and yes, do it every day. Breitling's watches are really nice, so you deserve a lot of credit for your design. As I read the release, with a confused look on my faces, it became apparent that some Swiss slide rule might need to be recalibrated. ?

All of these complications come in a relatively small 43 mm x 14.08 mm case, making it more wearable compared to a watch with larger dimensions. Although, if it was offered in titanium or steel, I imagine it would be even more “wearable” due to the simple fact that it would weigh a bit less. However, when you pay this kind of money, precious metals tend to be the norm.


Several of my colleagues have shared this month their favorite watches that will be under $1,000 in 2023. While I have kept up with everyone's choices, I initially felt a bit lost as to what I could add. This is because I am not a frequent buyer in this range and rarely come across watches that I absolutely must have. There was also the self-imposed requirement that I choose only the ""best"" watches under $1000. Many enthusiasts would feel the same way when faced with such a challenge. Then I read Gerard’s article and it all clicked. All that mattered real vs fake rolex oyster perpetual datejust to me was whether my choices stayed with me.

This week’s battle is a tough one, Nacho! I genuinely love the looks of both of these watches. But it’s also a bit of a weird one. My pick, the titanium Grand Seiko SBGE283 was introduced AAA Replica Watches during Watches and Wonders 2022 as a new addition to the brand’s Evolution 9 collection. As such, this modern black-dialed GMT got much press coverage along with its gray-dialed brother, the SBGE285 “Mist Flake.” Your stainless steel SBGN027, however, was added rather quietly to the Grand Seiko collection along with the blue-dial SBGN029 in September of last year. When I saw the new quartz SBGN027, it immediately made me think of the SBGE283.
But after having a good look at both models, I became more convinced that the SBGE283 was the better pick. First off, I love Grand Seiko’s Evolution 9 collection. I greatly appreciate the brand’s efforts to develop a line of modern case shapes as a counterpart to the iconic 44GS and 62GS-style cases we know so well. The best case, in my opinion, is the case used for the SBGE283 and SBGE285 “Mist Flake.” Overall, the 41mm × 13.9mm titanium case feels modern. I love how the lugs effortlessly become the sides of the case. Especially on the right side, the flowing lines stand out as they gracefully turn into the crown guards. It gives the case a great deal of character. Additionally, the shape flows nicely into the bracelet.

I said the AP needed no intro, but this particular Royal Oak reference 16202 is also new for 2022. This Royal Oak represents fifty years of non-stop production and a relatively unchanged design since its inception in 1972. The artist, Gérald Genta, conceived his vision in record time following a short-notice request from Audemars Piguet. What followed was a design language that came to define Audemars Piguet to this very day. The latest model celebrates a half-century of excellence by executing this model in 18K pink gold and a smoky slate-gray dial. Not only that, but the watch also has the new caliber 7121 to boot. So, with our gladiators at the ready, let the games begin.

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